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Rambling of ME~


aku no mikata
7 April
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Yeah, so this thing was a lot cooler before but something messed up and it was all deleted so bare with me while I try ti fix it. ^.^ So let's do a basic overview of me. :D

Name: Kaori

Hair length: About mid back

Hair color: Brown-ish for now
Eye color: They like to change from blueish to greenish, but they always have some brown in them.

Favorite color(s): Purple,
neon pink, neon purple, neon green, black<-sometimes, and a few other colors I can tolerate. ((Note: I couldn't get neon font, I hate pastel pink >.<))

Um, I'd list the things I like to do but one- you can just look at my interests, two-I'd be here forever and probaly miss some, and three- I'm a bit on the lazy side at times. ^o^;;

So yeah, that's about it for now. :D